Goblin's Pursuit

2 player only game where you take control of a chaser (goblin) or chasee (skateboarder).

If the goblin catches the skateboarder, the goblin wins the round. If the skateboarder reaches the end without being caught, they win.


Goblin: WASD - move and jump

Skateboarder: Arrow keys - move and jump


Some art in the game is derivative work based on models from https://quaternius.com/
Soundtrack: https://opengameart.org/content/chase

My Devlog:


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Nice job! I'll have to get someone to play this with me one of these days. Controls feel tight, art is perfect. I particularly love the bounciness of the spike balls and the little hug I get from the goblin when I beat the game :D

Lol, Goblin hugs are the best!!